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Vote CDFA’s “Report a Pest” for app of the year!

report-a-pest-screenshotCDFA’s Report a Pest mobile app–available on iPhone and Droid operating systems–has been nominated by the web site govfresh as the Civic App of the Year. Please help us win by casting a vote for us!

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3 Responses to Vote CDFA’s “Report a Pest” for app of the year!

  1. SMS says:

    Please vote today, as the polls close at 12 pm, December 14, 2013. You can vote more than once, too!

  2. Kristna Schierenbeck says:

    I vote for “Report a Pest”!

  3. SMS says:

    Winner of the GovFresh App of the Year will be announced December 18, 2013. The app is currently in second place, vote wise with 305 votes, but with in the top three. A panel will make the final decision and announce the results mid-week..

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