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Alternative Fuels in California

It’s been a watershed few weeks for alternative fuels in California with more than $30 million in grant funding announced recently by the California Energy Commission for research, development and distribution. At CDFA, we pay close attention to the distribution … Continue reading

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The Atlantic – The Triumph of the Family Farm We buried my grandfather last spring. He had died in his sleep in his own bed at 95, so, as funerals go, it wasn’t a grim occasion. But it was a historic one for our small rural community. My … Continue reading

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The Food Dialogues and the search for common ground

Last week, I had the great pleasure of participating in a discussion panel at the Food Dialogues, a program presented at UCLA by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, which was established to try to make a major contribution to … Continue reading

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NY Times/Reuters – French classify ancient vines as national treasure A wine plague spread by lice destroyed vines in France in the 19th century but a small area in the Pyrenees, which contains plants up to 200 years old, was spared and is being classified as a national heritage … Continue reading

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Parody video – “I’m Farming and I Grow it”

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Thoughts on a Successful Trip and the Endless Opportunities for California Exporters

Our California trade delegation concluded our trip to Asia last week with a visit to Seoul, South Korea – the Land of the Morning Calm. This is an English translation of the meaning of Josean, a long reigning dynasty in … Continue reading

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USDA – Child born in 2011 will cost $234,900 to raise WASHINGTON, June 14, 2012 — Today, USDA released the annual report, Expenditures on Children by Families, finding that a middle-income family with a child born in 2011 can expect to spend about $234,900 ($295,560 if projected inflation costs are … Continue reading

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California Food in China – A Reputation for Safety and Quality

In the many meetings I’ve attended in Shanghai this week, one theme resonates over and over again – the excellent quality and food safety provided by California farmers and ranchers. California products have a strong reputation, which has helped generate more than … Continue reading

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Of Canadian geese, worker training and record-keeping – building a culture of food safety on the farm

Last week, a group of Canadian food writers and bloggers, accompanied by staff of the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA), toured two leafy greens fields and a processing facility in the Salinas area. The group was there … Continue reading

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California comes to Shanghai

I am making my first-ever visit to Shanghai, China and I’m very impressed with the quality and reputation of California grown food products here. I’m joining 27 California food companies as part of a trade mission supported by the California … Continue reading

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