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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Growing California video series – Melon Masters

The next segment in the Growing California video series, a partnership with California Grown, is “Melon Masters.”

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USDA Releases Farm to School Census – California’s profile is encouraging

In celebration of National Farm to School Month, the USDA has released the first ever Farm to School Census – capturing the survey results from more than 13,000 public school districts nationwide. Check out how California and your local school district … Continue reading

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A Source of Inspiration: CDFA Observes National Disability Employment Awareness Month

As California’s Agriculture Secretary, I get a lot of inspiration from the determination, independence and accomplishments of our farmers and ranchers. I recently found inspiration in another group of people who are no less determined to be successful and independent: … Continue reading

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Cattle theft increasing in California – from the Sacramento Bee

By Edward Ortiz, Sacramento Bee The effects of cattle theft did not fully dawn on rancher Candace Owen until she got a call in 2010 from a fellow rancher. It was a heads-up alerting her that some of her cows … Continue reading

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Center for Land-Based Learning Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Earlier this week I had the honor and pleasure to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Center for Land-Based Learning, a non-profit organization in Winters started by California State Board of Food and Agriculture President Craig McNamara and his … Continue reading

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Food Day offers a chance to consider preparations for the future

This is Food Day, which is described by organizers as a nationwide celebration and movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. That’s something we can all get behind, and I’d like to talk a little about how it helps position … Continue reading

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Maybe Processed Food Isn’t Such a Bad Thing After All – from the Los Angeles Times

Read the original story from the LA Times It seems like every time you hear someone mention processed food, it’s accompanied with the words “bad” or “unhealthy,” plus a shaking finger. Unless you’re author Rachel Laudan. Laudan challenges the contemporary … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley and insects in the kitchen – From the New York Times SAN FRANCISCO — Megan Miller knows that cockroaches are packed with protein and she says they can be made into a surprisingly tasty treat. But if that is a bit too avant-garde to believe, do you think you might … Continue reading

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Urban beekeeping promoted in Los Angeles – from the California Report Deep in a sunny backyard in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake district, a colony of 50,000 Western honeybees is getting oriented to its new surroundings. Yesterday, the swarm was living under the eaves of a house in Whittier, some 20 … Continue reading

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UC Davis official pledges to wear bees for Ag education funds – from Capital Press There’s little that Barbara Allen-Diaz wouldn’t do to raise money for education. The vice president of the University of California-Davis agriculture department has promised to “wear” thousands of honey bees if she can raise $2,500 by Oct. 31 for … Continue reading

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