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  1. Mark Linder says:


  2. Jei Roberts says:

    As a buyer of only organically grown produce, I am wondering why there is no ‘Organic’ section under your “Categories.”

  3. Tara Milius says:

    Are you also looking at permaculture solutions?

  4. Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA; uses 5 times less water and yields 7 times more vegetables per acre or square foot than traditional ground farm operation uses.

    California’s agriculture industry can solve the states water problems by investing in CEA Systems but, it’s not that easy! CEA trained farmers are not a dime a dozen. San Bernardino County Superintendant of Schools Dr. Gary Thomas and Chino Valley Unified School District Administrators understand California’s water problem is everyone’s problem and they are doing some thing about it.

    Chino Valley USD and San Bernardino County Supr. offices are meeting with OurFoods, an Ag-Ed nonprofit and Earth En ReGen, sustainability systems consultants to form a “Sustainable Urban Agriculture STEM Academy” in Chino California.

    California schools and community stakeholders joining with local businesses can solve California’s water, arable lands, and economic challenges through local leaders coming together to form public-private partnerships in cities and counties across California. Schools instructing our children, a cognitive education of Science, Technology, Engineering,and Math and, local business building CEA urban farms opening up their facilities to schools and young adults to train and discover the economics of an “Applied Education” growing food, creating new jobs, healthier bodies, and a stronger local economy.

    The Chino Valley is my home, and OurFoods; Sustainable Urban Agriculture training and demonstration park working with CVUSD to give life so that others may live the “American Farmhouse Dream”.

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