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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Don’t forget to water the … bees!

Beehives in Colusa County. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) operates 16 agricultural inspection stations along our state’s borders (interactive map here), and every year our vehicle inspectors stop thousands of plants, fruit, insects, pathogens and other suspicious … Continue reading

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Wasp holds promise for control of Asian citrus psyllid – From the Riverside Press-Enterprise  BY MARK MUCKENFUSS A tiny insect from Pakistan is finding a foothold in the Inland Empire — good news for anyone with an orange tree in their yard or a citrus grove to maintain. Tamarixia radiata is a … Continue reading

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News Release – California State Board of Food and Agriculture to Discuss Specialty Crop Block Grant Program at October 2 Meeting  The California State Board of Food and Agriculture will discuss the department’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program at its upcoming meeting on October 2, 2012. The meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the California … Continue reading

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Meet CDFA’s “Golden Rooster”

Each year, the California poultry industry recognizes the contributions of an individual who inspires with leadership and dedication, and that person is presented with the “Golden Rooster” award. This year’s honoree is California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Whiteford Jones, who was named as … Continue reading

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Hormone therapy makes sterile male fruit flies more macho, more attractive to females

The following is a summary of scientific research by the USDA. Released en masse, sterile Mexican fruit flies can undermine a wild population of the fruit-damaging pests so that fewer applications of insecticide are needed. But the irradiation used to … Continue reading

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Secretary Ross joins coalition urging swift passage of Farm Bill

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross joined colleagues from states across the country, speaking as NASDA, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, in sending a letter to Congress urging swift passage of the 2012 Farm Bill. September 18, 2012 Dear … Continue reading

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The Famous Flickr Lacewing

Meet the “Flickr Lacewing.” That’s what some folks online are calling a newly discovered insect species, more formally known as “Semachrysa Jade Winterton, Guek and Brooks.” It was given this name by Dr. Shaun Winterton, a senior insect biosystematist (that’s … Continue reading

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Statement from Secretary Ross on dairy pricing

Under state law, the California Department of Food and Agriculture has the responsibility of calculating the minimum price that milk producers are to receive from processors.  In order to perform this duty, the Department employs economists who monitor conditions in … Continue reading

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Fresno Bee – State Ag Board Tours Valley Water Bank Fresno County farmer Marvin Meyers is proud of the work he has done to develop a 3,000-acre water bank and wildlife project. And on Tuesday, he was able to show it off to members of the California State Board … Continue reading

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Farm to School Programs Teach, Nourish

I love visiting schools. When I see all those young faces I see the future – bright-eyed children who will be leading us in 20, 30 or 40 years. Those of us in positions of responsibility have an obligation to … Continue reading

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