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Organic grower summit will emphasize that technology not just for ‘Big Ag’

From Morning Ag Clips

The expanding use of technology by organic growers, regardless of the size of their operation, will be the topic of an educational session at the upcoming Organic Grower Summit. “Technology Is Not Just For Big Ag” will focus on making new technologies accessible for organic growers through a variety of business models aimed at making operations more efficient and sustainable.

The Organic Grower Summit, slated for December 12-13, in Monterey, CA will feature a series of intensive and educational sessions focused on organic growing. “Technology Is Not Just For Big Ag” will explain technology advances including asset sharing, robotics and one of the most talked about information systems, blockchain. Panelists for the session will discuss the issues associated with bringing technology to smaller organic growers and how the industry can work together to help these technologies take root and scale.

Panelists for the session include:

Brian Dawson, co-founder, CEO, Harvestport
Raja Ramachandran, co-founder, CEO,
Diane Wu, co-Founder and CEO, Trace Genomics
The session will be moderated by Hank Giclas, senior vice president, Western Growers

“Blockchain technology and secure data will enable organic growers to better engage with the consumers and environment to facilitate a more transparent and truth based system, opening new business opportunities for farmers and food value chain stakeholders,” shared panelist Raja Ramachandran, CEO and co-Founder, Ripe.IO.

The Organic Grower Summit, a joint production between California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and Organic Produce Network (OPN), brings together organic growers, producers and processors for two days of education, information and networking opportunities with organic production supply chain and service providers.

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