Don’t pack a pest – new website lists what can safely be brought into US for the holidays

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has a new web site to provide people with important information about which agricultural items are safe to enter the United States – and which ones are best left behind this holiday season. This helps protect the health of our country’s plants, animals and natural resources, ensuring many happy holidays to come.

Food products and other agricultural-based items (plants, seeds, and gifts made from wood or plants) from other countries can carry pests and diseases not found here in the United States. For these reasons, certain items are not allowed to be carried in by travelers. Other items may be allowed with specific documentation. The USDA’s new site helps everyone thinking about bringing an agricultural gift from overseas understand what is okay to bring to the US. 

So whether you are selecting a holiday gift for this season – or just planning ahead for next summer’s vacation souvenirs – please check out the site. 

Visit the site here:

Learn more at

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