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#CDFACentennial – Centennial Reflections video series with Merry Cardoza (Wells)

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a state agency in 2019. Throughout the year this blog will feature a number of items to commemorate this milestone. Today we continue with the Centennial Reflections video series, featuring CDFA employees remembering their histories, and the agency’s.

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2 Responses to #CDFACentennial – Centennial Reflections video series with Merry Cardoza (Wells)

  1. Susan Shelton says:

    CDFA is a family, a wonderful place to work and provides services to California’s greatest resourses… people and agriculture.

  2. Mike Morrelli says:

    I worked with Merry in the 1990s and knew her Mom in the 1980s – Both in the Division of Inspection Services. They are several of the unseen heroes that push the envelope of “We can do it and get it done.” Their contributions to the service users of this CDFA program were greatly appreciated!

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