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Sterile insects key piece of CDFA integrated pest management

The Mediterranean Fruit Fly is one of several invasive species eradicated by Sterile Insect Technique.

Conference on sterile insects set for February 4

The California Department of Food and Agriculture will host a forum on Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) on February 4 via Zoom, at 8:30 am.    

SIT is a key component in CDFA’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and consists of the sterilization of certain invasive species, which are then released into the environment to eradicate infestations through breeding.  

CDFA and the USDA teamed up in the mid-90s to introduce SIT for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in Southern California, and it is the primary pest management and eradication tool used in the program to this day.  Sterile insects are also used for pests like the Navel Orangeworm, Apple Coddling Moth, Cotton Pink Bollworm, and the Mexican Fruit Fly.

The forum, which is open to the public, will examine history and the latest science related to Sterile Insect Technique. To join the meeting, please click on this link on February 4, and enter the password CDF@2800.

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