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Introducing the Growing California video series with “Free Spirit Farmer”

I am very, very pleased to introduce the “Growing California” video series, a partnership with California Grown, which is hosting the series on its web site.

“Growing California” is an in-depth look at the many ways farming and ranching touches our lives. It goes well beyond food production, although that is certainly featured prominently. This series will also highlight food access, the diversity of California agriculture, and protection against invasive species. We will bring you the personal stories of our farmers and ranchers, profile their relationships with the environment, and examine the many innovations they have brought to their operations.

California is known around the world as the gold standard for high quality, safely produced food products. This video series will show you why. The first segment is a look at a young farmer making his way with a growing operation serving a number of Northern California restaurants. Toby Hastings’ story, “Free Spirit Farmer,”  is an excellent example of innovation to meet demand and, as a young farmer, he meets a need we all have – new blood in agriculture. I hope you enjoy this video and I invite you to go on to view each segment as it is released.

“Growing California” will show our state hard at work as it embraces the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. It will also remind us how we got here. It’s an extraordinary story.

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