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Water Wisdom – from the Growing California video series

The latest segment in the Growing California video series, a partnership with California Grown, is “Water Wisdom,” a profile of Central California farmer Don Cameron and his innovative water management to lessen the pain of the drought.


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2 Responses to Water Wisdom – from the Growing California video series

  1. Laura says:

    Great job. Locally adapted, organic seed saving can also help us become progenitors of drought tolerant, pest resistant genetics.

  2. J. White says:

    If the water shortage in California is so dire, then the following measures should be taken:
    1. Stop all new construction: no new homes, condos, hotels, motels, office buildings, retail stores, etc. – these all take MORE WATER.
    2. Control the population, we are now in a crucial water shortage and should not be increasing the amount of people that enter California from anywhere – this takes MORE WATER.
    3. Hollywood mansions and similar rich abodes (including those belonging to politicians and the Wall street bankers …!) should all be subject to the same dry lawns, dying redwood trees, dying bushes, lack of pool/fountain waters, etc… as the rest of the citizens – these take MORE WATER.
    4. Farms should be given the water that is needed because Agriculture should be a high
    5. The above 3 mentioned points are most important because, TO DATE, we all still see new construction (which takes water!) taking place, e.g. Hollywood mansions are still as green as ever (Google to take a look) – and it just appears to most people that water is not being conserved where it might matter most and help “big time”.
    Thanks for allowing comments!

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