CDFA, CalRecycle work together to stop fraud suspect at Border Protection Station

A load of beverage containers stopped at CDFA's Border Protection Station at Blythe .

A load of beverage containers stopped at CDFA’s Border Protection Station at Blythe

A Corona man hauling seven-thousand pounds of used beverage containers from Arizona was stopped by personnel at CDFA’s Blythe Border Protection Station (I-10) and now faces potential felony charges of fraud, attempted grand theft, and conspiracy.

CDFA and CalRecycle partner under an interagency agreement aimed at preventing the illegal redemption of out-of-state beverage containers. It’s one of several partnerships between the border stations and sister agencies to help prevent illegal activity and protect the environment.

The suspect at Blythe, 27-year old Eduardo Herrera, told inspectors his truck-trailer was empty. However, it was found to actually be carrying a load of aluminum and plastic beverage containers with a potential redemption value of more than $10,000.

Following the detection the case was referred to the California Department of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team and is now in the hands of the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office to determine formal charges.



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3 Responses to CDFA, CalRecycle work together to stop fraud suspect at Border Protection Station

  1. Jim Allan says:

    His co-driver Kramer fled the scene in a postal vehicle.

  2. Paul says:

    At what point would it become a federal case since the subject crossed the state line?
    Would the Feds touch it?

    • Planting Seeds says:

      Thank you. We asked CalRecycle that question and were told it’s up to the federal government to decide if it wants to prosecute a case, and it has done so a couple of times previously.

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