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Update to California Ag Vision Released – Framework for Future Action by the California State Board of Food and Agriculture

From water to labor, the dynamics of farming and ranching continue to change. In this environment, building meaningful relationships is critical to telling the story of California agriculture. I truly believe that California is a better place to live, because of what we grow and how we grow it.  However, this belief is not always shared in the marketplace and the regulatory arena. We need to do a better job engaging those (all of us!) with a stake in the success of California agriculture.

Ag Vision 2016_2017This is why we have Ag Vision – it serves as a blueprint for the State Board to engage with regulators and other stakeholders to focus on the long-term success of California agriculture as well as address some of the shorter-term needs of the state’s farmers, ranchers and farm workers.

Ag Vision was first developed in 2010 and has been updated several times as the board has reviewed changing landscapes.

Our most recent update is focused on five strategic priorities: Water; Regulatory Environment; Labor/Human Capital; Resource Preservation & Stewardship; and Outreach & Communications.

The update includes two new goals that emphasize the need to create connections between farmers and the consuming public, as well as the need for agricultural entities to thrive.

California Agricultural Vision 2016/2017

Each of these issues is critical to farming and ranching in our state. These priorities were determined in collaboration with a diverse stakeholder group representing agricultural, environmental and consumer interests.  It is our diversity that makes California so unique. I look forward to discussing farming and ranching with all of our constituents and engaging them on what it means to be a farmer or rancher in our state.

I would like to thank the many individuals who participated in the Ag Vision Update as well as Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, Inc. for guiding the process.

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