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Update on climate change programs from CDFA’s Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation

OEFI Newsletter

CDFA recently issued this newsletter to provide updates about programs in its Office of Environmental Farming Initiatives.

The Healthy Soils Program

OEFI has a new program that aims to improve soil health by increasing soil carbon and reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions through several specific management practices, such as no-till and compost application methods. CDFA has $6.75 million to fund two components of the program: the HSP Incentives Program and HSP Demonstration projects.

  • Public meetings have been ongoing since November 2016 and the Request for Grant Applications was released on August 8th.
  • Grant Application Workshops will be held throughout the state through Sept. 14th.
  • More information here.

Office of Pesticide Consultation and Analysis

OPCA works closely with the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to analyze the impact of proposed pesticide regulations on production agriculture.

  • OPCA is currently working on critical use analyses for the insecticide cyfluthrin and the herbicide dacthal. The analysis provides an overview of the general importance of an active ingredient (AI) for pest management of particular crops and identifies situations where alternative AIs or other practices are not economical or efficacious.
  • OPCA is also working on an analysis of DPR’s proposed fumigant notification regulation.
  • More information here.

Alternative Manure Management Program

AMMP is a new program designed to reduce methane emissions from manure through non-digester methodologies. CDFA has allocated $9-16 million as incentive fundings to support non-digester project development on dairy and livestock operations.

  • Public stakeholder listening sessions took place in April, 2017, to obtain feedback on program framework
  • CDFA accepted public comments on the Request for Grant Applications from July 20th through August 2nd.
  • Stay informed on the tentative timeline for the 2016-2018 Alternative Manure Management Program here.

State Water Efficiency &Enhancement Program

SWEEP was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save water on agricultural operations by providing financial assistance to implement irrigation system technology improvements. Since launch in 2014, the program has administered 587 projects that totaled more than $62 million of the Cap-and-Trade Program funds with a significant amount of matching funds.

  • On July 3rd, $5.1 million was awarded to 58 operations throughout the state. View the selected projects here.

CDFA OEFI is also collaborating with the Department of Water Resources on the Agricultural Water Use Efficiency and Enhancement Program. This Joint Pilot Program focuses on increasing water use efficiency for a water conveyance system and the affiliated on-farm agricultural operations.

  • Learn more about this new joint program here.

   Digester Research & Development Program

DDRDP provides financial assistance for the installation of dairy digesters in California. CDFA was appropriated $50 million with the objective of reducing methane emissions from dairy and livestock operations. $29-36 million has been allocated to support digester projects on dairy operations in California.

  • The latest DDRDP application period closed on June 28, 2017. Award announcements will be made in September 2017.
  • More information on the prior funded projects can be found here.

Link to Office of Environmental Farming Initiatives web site

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