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Dozer the Detector Dog Promotes Ag Day

Dozer reporting for duty

Dozer the Detector Dog made an appearance at the State Capitol yesterday to encourage legislators and staff to attend California Ag Day at the Capitol March 20, 2018.

Recently retired, Dozer spent his career protecting California and its agriculture from invasive plant pests, diseases and weeds that could otherwise become established our state and result in damaging and expensive infestations and quarantines.

A joint effort between USDA and CDFA, California’s dog teams spend their working hours nosing around package-delivery facilities, detecting parcels that contain fruits, vegetables, plants and other agricultural materials that may not be labeled correctly.

Dozer spreads goodwill among State Capitol staff





Since the program began dog teams have intercepted thousands of mislabeled or otherwise illegal packages, including shipments containing hundreds of actionable insect and weed pests.

Don’t forget to visit us at the Capitol on March 20. Tell ’em Dozer sent you.

Secretary Ross greets Dozer

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