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Farmers for America – a movie about the present and the future

California farmers Megan Brown and Paul Grieve

California farmers Megan Brown and Paul Grieve

On Ag Day last week, the Center for Land Based Learning hosted a screening of a wonderful film, “Farmers for America,” created by Graham Meriwether and narrated by the excellent Mike Rowe. It’s a film I hope more organizations will bring to their local communities because it is such an important topic, and it poses some essential questions. Who will our farmers be? How can we support new and beginning farmers?

It was an honor to meet Graham and two California farmers in the film – Paul Grieve of Primal Pastures in Murietta and Megan Brown of Table Mountain Ranch in Butte County. The film captures the goodness of farmers and rural people – their connection to the land and love of community. It also addresses the challenges of farming and the stark reality of how dependent small towns across the rural landscape are on local farmers supporting local businesses, churches and schools.

The film shows hope and opportunity through the heartfelt desire of young people and returning veterans. They have a passion for farming and growing healthy food. Many of them are intent on building in their communities by selling directly to consumers through farmers’ markets and social media connections that will allow them to develop relationships with their customers and neighbors.

Please check out the film at:

I hope you’ll consider hosting a screening in your area soon.

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