HLB-Infected Citrus Tree Removed from Hacienda Heights Yard

Symptomatic leaf blotches

Symptomatic leaf blotches

Following the recent detection of the citrus disease huanglongbing (HLB) in a citrus tree in at a private residence in the Hacienda Heights area, agricultural officials have removed the tree and are transporting it to a California Department of Food and Agriculture lab for analysis and safe disposal.  High-resolution photographs of the tree, including symptomatic (blotchy) leaves, are available from CDFA.  The images may aid residents in the identification of other symptomatic trees in the area, which can be reported by calling the CDFA Pest Hotline at 1-800-491-1899.  If you would like high-resolution copies of these photographs, please email your request to officeofpublicaffairs@cdfa.ca.gov.

For background on the detection of the disease and the resulting quarantine, please see these press releases:



HLB Positive Citrus Tree Hacienda Heights Area

HLB-positive citrus tree removed from Hacienda Heights areaLeaf with symptomatic leaf blotchesLeaf with symptomatic leaf blotchesSymptomatic leaf blotches

Symptomatic leaf blotches

Symptomatic leaf blotches

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