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Cow power – Truck at Northern California dairy utilizes convenient fuel source

CDFA deputy secretary Rachael O’Brien, with California Resources Agency undersecretary Thomas Gibson (L) and dairy farmer Albert Straus, recently visited Straus’ farm in Marin County. Straus is the founder/CEO of Straus Family Creamery, which utilizes an electric farm truck powered by cow manure (pictured).

The truck, which was put into service last year, relies on methane as it travels the 500-acre dairy farm with animal feed. The Straus dairy cows actually power the truck that feeds them. This is one type of environmentally sustainable project that aligns with the work of  CDFA’s Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation as it distributes grant funding to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as part of California Climate Investments. Note – This project was solely implemented by the Straus family and was not funded by CDFA.



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