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Collaborating with South Africa on climate change strategies

By CDFA Secretary Karen Ross

Farming in South Africa

I am honored to lead a delegation from California today on a seven-day visit to South Africa to exchange information on climate smart agriculture.

A report from the United Nations this week gave new urgency to a challenge we have been facing for years – how to assist food producers in the face of climate change. The UN report sounded an alarm – the world’s food supply is in jeopardy, but it also states that remedies are possible if the nations of the world work together.

California and South Africa have much in common. We are two of just five global Mediterranean-style climates that are uniquely suited for agricultural production. Like California, South Africa has strong specialty crop production and similar production challenges related to drought and climate variability. There will be a strong emphasis on water management as a key element of building resiliency.

This trip will allow California agricultural representatives to meet directly with specialty crop growers, research institutions, farm organizations, and government representatives to evaluate on-farm strategies and management practices being used to address climate change.

I’ll report back from South Africa!

Link to CDFA Climate Smart Agriculture programs

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