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Healthy Soils Week: Legislative briefing demonstrates, explains the value of healthy soil

Photo of two women dropping clumps of soil into water-filled vertical cylinders to demonstrate the properties of healthy soil.
California’s Healthy Soils Week (December 2-6) continued today with a briefing at the Capitol for legislators and staff about the science and value of healthy soils. The briefing began with a demonstration of soil health properties: Farmer Victoria Robles with Robles Farms (left forefront) and CDFA Senior Environmental Scientist Natalie Jacuzzi dropped different soil samples into water-filled cylinders. The demonstration was led by Regional Soil Health Specialist Zahangir Kabir (rear left) and State Soil Scientist Tony Rolfes, both with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, who explained that the healthier soil (left) retained its structure, its ability to sequester carbon, and its ability to absorb and filter water, while the other sample broke apart quickly.

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