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Governor Newsom calls on CDFA and fairgrounds in executive order on homelessness

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order today to address the homeless crisis. “The State of California is treating homelessness as a real emergency – because it is one,” said Governor Newsom. “Californians are demanding that all levels of government – federal, state and local – do more to get people off the streets and into services – whether that’s housing, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, or all of the above.”

CDFA, in consultation with the Department of General Services; the Department of Housing and Community Development; the Department of Social Services; and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, has been directed to conduct an initial assessment of fairgrounds near jurisdictions where a shelter crisis is in effect, and for those fairgrounds, determine the population capacity and space that would currently be available to local partners on a short-term emergency basis to provide shelter for individuals who are homeless.

The full executive order may be read at this link.

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One Response to Governor Newsom calls on CDFA and fairgrounds in executive order on homelessness

  1. Andy Hailue says:

    The Governor is right in extending his arm for the right urgent problem . Homelessness is cancer the more you ignore the symptom the worst the virus . It help the local law enforcement , local businesses . Sweden use to have big problem with homelessness they tackle the problem by accepting the problem . We need to STOP looking the other way , its hear everywhere , its a shame we spend or give 1.3 trillion we cannot give shelter to our own citizen’s. I am not talking giving money – just common sense! We are christian nation- we are the richest # 1 – we are powerful nation CANNOT EVEN TAKE CARE ONE OF OUR OWN. Stupidity , blindness deafness or just playing dumb

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