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SACRAMENTO, August 11, 2011 – The USDA has designated the week of August 7-13 as National Farmers Market Week, and CDFA Secretary Karen Ross is calling on Californians to recognize the state’s certified farmers markets for their role in the overall success of farmers markets nationally. “California’s certified farmers markets are an important community venue to bring farmers and consumers together,” said Secretary Ross.  “People are more interested than ever in local food and in having relationships with the people who produce it. Farmers markets are perfectly positioned for this.”

California leads the nation with 758 certified farmers markets – sales venues for certified agricultural producers selling healthy and high-quality produce directly to consumers. Until 1977, regulations required farmers to properly pack, size and label their fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables in standard containers to transport and sell anywhere other than the farm-site. Recognizing the importance of farmers to consumer sales, the department revised regulations allowing for the creation of California certified farmers markets.

These markets are now part of the fabric of many communities throughout the state.  Furthermore, farmers markets are an important source of fresh produce to many seniors and low-income families who can purchase fruits and vegetables through the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program; the Women, Infants and Children’s (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program; and the CalFresh program.   

Both the number and size of farmers markets in California and the United States have grown dramatically in recent years, prompting state and national advocates of local farming to designate a week each year to take note of their benefits. California joins the nation in celebrating National Farmers Market Week.


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  1. Agroprofil says:

    Greetings from Serbia and rest of South East Europe! Yes, farmers markets are very good concept of getting closer both consumers and farmers. By our opinion from this part of the world, consumers feel more secure when they are buying products from familiar farmer, because they build a special relationship based on mutual trust – which is very important. When you know the farmer, you know what you’re eating and you’re feeling truly satisfied. The situation in our region is the same and we also must work on that relationship where both producers and consumers will feel benefits. All the best from

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