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What they’re saying about Governor Newsom’s water strategy

Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy Adapting to a Hotter, Drier Future was announced earlier today. California agriculture leaders offered their support.


Don Cameron, Chair of the State Board of Food and Agriculture – “As we adapt to a hotter and drier future – I applaud the Administration’s Water Supply Strategy.  For the communities and farm families in the Central Valley, this strategy is a call for action to not only adapt to our changing climate but also support a more drought-resilient, equitable and vibrant agricultural economy. This wouldn’t be possible without the leadership and vision of the Governor.”  

Chris Valadez, President of Grower-Shipper Association  –“Grower and farmworker communities benefit from the commitment within California’s Water Supply Strategy to move smarter and faster to update our water systems. Prioritizing recycling and desalination are critical needs for coastal communities, supporting safe drinking water and opportunities for greater water supply diversity.”

Bryce Lundberg, Vice President of Agriculture at Lundberg Family Farms – “Expanding water storage capacity is a must-do for California. We cannot meet our future water demand needs without developing new water supplies and reducing overall demand. The Governor’s Water Supply Strategy is an important step forward in modernizing our water infrastructure.”

Dave Puglia, President and CEO of Western Growers – “To adapt to climate realities, the Governor’s plan recognizes the urgent need to build new and improve existing infrastructure and to streamline and improve the practicality of the regulatory processes that govern them. Critically, that means new and expanded surface and groundwater storage to capture wet year flood flows that are too infrequent to be missed.” 

Ian LeMay, President of California Fresh Fruit Association“We appreciate the efforts the Newsom Administration has taken to address the critical need for water investments to guarantee the continued sustainability of California agriculture.”

Aubrey Bettencourt, President/CEO of Almond Alliance of California —  “There is no silver bullet to California’s water problems. It takes different solutions, and this plan recognizes that. The Almond Alliance stands behind Governor Gavin Newsom in his work on relieving supply pressures on underrepresented communities and providing water supply certainty. This landmark effort supports our rural communities and ensures a secure food supply for California and the nation.”

Ag Council of California – “Appreciate Gavin Newsom for announcing a strategy to invest in NEW water supply sources and accelerate desperate needed water projects. Ag Council of CA looks forward to working with the governor on these urgent efforts.”  

Community Alliance of Family Farmers“Appreciate your commitment to addressing the drought, Gavin Newsom. We hope these plans keep our small food-growing family farmers at the table.”

David Guy, President of Northern California Water Association – “We applaud Governor Newsom’s announcement today to accelerate improving our water supply infrastructure throughout California to serve people, farms, recreation and fish and wildlife.”  

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