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Water-efficient cactus farm fits California’s hotter, drier climate

As drought and climate change continue to pose challenges for farmers and ranchers in the Central Valley and all of California, a family farm in Oakdale, Stanislaus County, may offer a window to the future with a water-efficient cactus farm. Meet Darlene Ruiz and her father, Salvador Ruiz, a former farmworker.

Video in Spanish

CDFA’s Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program–referenced in the video–funds energy efficient refrigeration units in corner stores, small businesses, and food donation programs to stock California-grown fresh produce, nuts, dairy, meat, eggs, minimally-processed foods, and culturally appropriate foods.

The Ruiz cactus farm is an example of the essential contributions made by Latinos in California, as well as the type of water-efficient farming that fits California’s hotter, drier climate.

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