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CDFA to celebrate Healthy Soils Week (Dec 5-9) by promoting biodiversity and soil resilience

California Healthy Soils Week 2022 will kick off December 5 with United Nations’ World Soil Day. CDFA and Agriculture and partner organizations from across the state will host a series of events highlighting soil health and biodiversity. CDFA Secretary Karen Ross will provide opening remarks via video on Dec. 5. 

This year’s theme is “Stronger Soils: Biodiversity Below the Surface Builds Soil Resilience, which highlights the importance of soil health across farms, ranches, urban landscaping, and home and community gardens. 

A number of agencies and organizations are joining CDFA for the weeklong event. There will be webinars, live streams, panel discussions, and at-home how-to activities. Healthy Soils Week partners will be posting, tweeting, and sharing on social media throughout the week to reach as many people as possible with information about building soil health and fostering climate resilience. 

Among the many benefits of soil health practices are the following: 

  • Improved plant health and yields; 
  • Increased water infiltration and retention; 
  • Sequestered carbon and reduced greenhouse gases (GHGs); 
  • Reduced sediment erosion and dust; 
  • Improved water and air quality; and 
  • Improved biological diversity and wildlife habitat. 

Visit the Healthy Soils Week website to see the full lineup of events and partners. To follow along on social media, watch for and use the hashtags #SoilHealth and #HSW2022. 

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