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Secretary Ross joins state officials at panel discussion on UC Merced farmworker health study

CDFA secretary Karen Ross, second from right, at a panel discussion today at UC Merced on a farmworker health study released by the university’s Community and Labor Center. The multi-faceted study examines agricultural worker health and well-being. Appearing on the panel with Secretary Ross are, from left, moderator Alice Berliner of UC Merced, Cal-EPA secretary Yana Garcia, Lilia Garcia-Brower of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office, and Cal-OSHA chief Jeff Killip.

Secretary Ross: “I know more than anyone that we cannot do our work without farmworkers, and we need to make sure they have the respect, dignity and quality of life they deserve. It’s up to us to collaborate with employers in the ag sector to make this happen. We must also work together to make sure farmworkers are in the strongest possible position to flourish in the future with training in the latest technologies, opportunities for advancement, safe housing and transportation, and most importantly, a place at the table so they are a part of this conversation.”
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