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CDFA’s Dr. Stephen Beam steps down after 10 years as chair of National Conference on International Milk Shipments

CDFA’s branch chief for Milk and Dairy Food Safety, Dr. Stephen Beam, stepped down this month after a 10-year term as chair of the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS), a body of government and private interests that meets every two years to review national policies designed to keep dairy products safe.

Dr. Beam’s time as chair was marked by challenges brought by the Covid pandemic as well as changes required for harmonization with the federal Food Safety Modernization Act, and he worked with colleagues around the country to ensure that the dairy industry and dairy food safety regulatory programs remain strong.

“I have always valued Dr. Beam’s thoughtful leadership,” said Dr. Annette Jones, State Veterinarian and director of CDFA’s Division of Animal Health and Food Safety Services. “I honestly cannot think of a better person to have led national milk policy discussions through these times, and I congratulate him for his distinguished service.”

Dr. Beam has been with CDFA for 24 years.

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