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State Scientist Day at the Capitol: CDFA experts show students just how exciting a career in science can be

Scientists from CDFA’s Plant Pest Diagnostics Center and Division of Measurement Standards joined colleagues in state service to give students a day of science on the steps of the capitol. CDFA’s experts showed students live insect pests and pollinators, experiments with metrology tools, and a host of other technical equipment and concepts that come into play when your title is “scientist.” The annual event is hosted on the west steps of the state capitol by the California Association of Professional Scientists.

Thanks to the following CDFA scientists for participating:

Plant Pest Diagnostics Center:

Environmental Scientist Jackie Airoso
Senior Insect Biosystematist Dr. Martin Hauser
Senior Insect Biosystematist Dr. Kevin Williams
Senior Insect Biosystematist Dr. Michael Forthman
Environmental Scientist Dr. Severyn Korneyev

Division of Measurement Standards:

Environmental Program Manager Kevin Schnepp
Traditional and Alternative Fuels Lab Supervisor Megan McWayne
Principal State Metrologist Tony Gruneisen
Environmental Scientist Alex Loyer
Agricultural Technician John Mindanao

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