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Ag Mission to Spain reveals broad potential for collaboration

Food safety, ag tech, plant breeding, irrigation technology, bioinnovation, automation for precision and sustainability – the opportunities for collaboration run deep and wide, as last week’s agricultural delegation from California discovered during a fascinating, stimulating week in Spain.

Like all great trips this one included a terrific group of Californians:

  • Karen Ross, California Agriculture Secretary
  • Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch/California State Board of Food and Agriculture
  • Jenet DeCosta, Driscoll’s
  • Leonard Diggs, Pie Ranch/ EFA SAP
  • Rolston St. Hilaire, California State University, Fresno
  • Garrett Patricio, Westside Produce
  • Emily Rooney, Agricultura Council of California
  • Ram Uckoo, Wonderful Citrus
  • Christopher Valdez, Grower-Shipper Association of Central California
  • Joshua Viers, University of California, Merced
  • Gabriel Youtsey, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Josh Eddy, CDFA State Director, International Affairs

In addition, it was a pleasure to travel with Karisha Kuypers, the USDA Agricultural Attaché based in Madrid. The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service is an important asset for all businesses wanting to expand international business.

Experimental greenhouses in Almeria, ag tech at IVIA, citrus breeding trials at Anecoop, micro-algae production for biostimulants, pollinator breeding at AgroBio, plant genetics work at Mavi Innovations, and innovative greenhouse production with J. Huete – an Agritech Murcia participant.
Almeria’s greenhouses, ag tech for IPM and hedgerows promoting biodiversity and healthy soils.
Enjoying the culture, history of Spain and camaraderie with participants over paella in Valencia.
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