Japanese Beetle Treatment Completed in Sacramento County

In early August, CDFA, working with its partners at the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, began a Japanese beetle eradciation project at nearly 100 properties in the Fair Oaks area. Treatment was completed on Friday, August 26. The Japanese beetle is a voracious pest that threatens home gardens, lawns and crops. It has infested much of the eastern U.S., with annual costs for management running into the hundreds of millions of dollars.


California has had several detections of Japanese beetles over the years. In each case, CDFA has successfully eradicated the pest. With the current treatment now complete, a two-year period of monitoring in the area has begun. If there are no new detections, the Japanese beetle will be declared eradicated. During this time, residents are asked to report any possible sightings and also not to move soil or potted plants from the treatment area without first contacting Sacramento County. If there are any questions, please contact CDFA’s pest hotline, 1-800-491-1899. 

More information about the pest is available at : http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/phpps/pdep/target_pest_disease_profiles/japanese_beetle_profile.html

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