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CDFA special investigators honored for their work to stop skimmer fraud suspects

CDFA special investigators Jaime Quiroz and Dirk Rudolph (holding awards) at the recent US Attorney’s Office ceremony.

Two special investigators in CDFA’s Division of Measurement Standards (DMS), Jamie Quiroz and Dirk Rudolph, were recently honored by the US Attorney’s Office at an “Excellence in the Pursuit of Justice” awards ceremony hosted by the federal agency.

The investigative work of Quiroz and Rudolph gathered crucial evidence of suspects, locations, vehicles and equipment used in criminal activity; evidence that led to successful prosecution of several people involved in skimmer fraud (stolen credit and debit card information) conducted across multiple southern California counties.

The FBI estimates that skimmer fraud costs businesses and consumers more than $1 billion a year. The work of these special investigators demonstrate the ongoing commitment of DMS to protect both the public and private businesses from device manipulation, fraud, and identity theft.

Congratulations Jaime and Dirk!

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