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Wisconsin study finds big dairies produce cleaner milk

By DINESH RAMDE, Associated Press

Monday, September 5, 2011

(09-05) 00:25 PDT MILWAUKEE (AP) —

With buying from small, local, family-run farms becoming more popular, the results of a new study from Wisconsin could be surprising: It found that milk from big dairies is cleaner than that from small ones.

The lead researcher was Steve Ingham, a former University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who now works for the state agriculture department. He says he looked at cell and bacteria levels use to evaluate a cow’s health and a farm’s cleanliness and found them lower in milk from big farms.

All the farms met federal safety standards.

Wisconsin Farmers Union spokesman Tom Quinn dismissed the results, saying a truly meaningful study of milk quality would have to evaluate factors like taste and nutrition.

The study was published last month in the Journal of Dairy Science.

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One Response to Wisconsin study finds big dairies produce cleaner milk

  1. chris kazaam says:

    Clean dairies means less “contamination” from feces i assume. Well, fortunately i obtain my RAW DAIRY(milk, kefir, cream etc) via an agreement with cool non-factory farmers who DO NOT clean the heck out of the cows and I guess are “dirty.” Well, I enjoy BACTERIA – RICH(more than the CA accepted levels of coliform) grass / alfalfa etc – fed RAW unheated milk. It is truly raw and full of bacteria that HELPS THE BODY. I am not in fear of natural E. Coli, campylobacter or even salmonella. If I ever were to experience bloody diarrhea, vomit, cramps, etc somehow connected to salmonella crossing the gut – blood barrier, it would be for the better, since it is a form of detoxification. Natural bacteria are simply “janitors.” They don’t attack healthy cells. They help remove dead material or dying cells from the body etc. You may want to fear “mutagenic” bacteria, found in things like cooked or frozen foods, though. But i digress….. I have been enjoying this “dirty dairy” lifestyle for 8 years and i am more healthy than ever. The war being raged on bacteria is helping people reach “diseased” status more than ever. Dairy aside, i recall Dr. Dean o’Dell(not an ally of raw dairy, I must say) mention that since the pigs & cows etc have been raised in more sterilized environments in the past 50 years, colon cancer has skyrocketed. Possible connection…..animals too clean!

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