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Farm Bill Framing Document for California Ready for Review

America's Farm Bill 2012

Here in California and across the nation, discussion is well underway about development of the 2012 Farm Bill.  The legislation is renewed every five years and is the essential component in our country’s farm and food policy.  The Farm Bill is much more than just farm policy – 67 percent funds nutrition programs to improve the health of our citizens; approximately 23 percent funds the safety net programs, and 9 percent funds conservation programs.

During the summer, The California Department of Food and Agriculture held several listening sessions around the state to hear input from stakeholders about California’s Farm Bill priorities.  By following this link to our dedicated web site,, you can review that input in a framing document that we view as a starting point.

The Farm Bill creates jobs, protects our environment and natural resources, revitalizes rural economies, invests in education, promotes renewable energy, and improves public health and nutrition.  These are issues that affect all of us. We welcome your participation and continuing input.

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