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Strategic Plan a Way to Maintain and Improve CDFA’s Service to Stakeholders

On behalf of CDFA, I am pleased to present the agency’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. While strategic planning is essential to any organization, it is often misunderstood, considered by many as merely an internal plan to reach goals and objectives. The truth is quite different, especially at a government agency.

Our stakeholders—including anybody who eats—are vital to the success of our strategic plan. Because our programs serve the people of California and beyond, it is critical that we engage in strategic planning to make sure we serve them effectively, including program conception and communication. This plan sets objectives to guide us in the fulfillment of our mission and establishes performance measures to chart our progress.

In light of significant cuts to our budget, it is important to maintain focus on our core mission, while strategically positioning CDFA for its role in a bright and promising future for California agriculture. This will require investment in our people and appropriate technologies that will result in an even more efficient, transparent, customer-focused organization that is fully engaged with all of its stakeholders.

CDFA is fortunate to have an intelligent, experienced and passionate staff. As Secretary, I look forward to working closely with these talented, committed employees to achieve our goals through the execution of this strategic plan.

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