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News Release – Joint Statement on the US Senate’s passage of immigration reform from CDFA, the United Farm Workers, the California Farm Bureau and Western Growers Association

The following statement is from CDFA Secretary Karen Ross, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, California Farm Bureau President Dave Wenger, and Western Growers Association President/CEO Tom Nassif:

“The Senate’s passage of Immigration Reform is a significant and compassionate step forward for this nation. Those working in the agricultural sector acknowledge that the majority of farm workers in California and across the nation are unauthorized, and yet they contribute to providing safe and wholesome food to our families and homes. This bill provides earned legal status with a process for possible citizenship for agricultural workers and respects national immigration and border security concerns, while acknowledging a continued commitment to our nation’s farm economy.

“We applaud the Senate’s work and encourage the U.S. House of Representatives to take similar action – our farm workers, our family farmers, and our nation deserve no less.”


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