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New smart phone applications for farmers’ markets, public scales and reporting pests

iphone-v-g1-0908CDFA’s ongoing commitment to outreach through technology has led to the development of three new applications for smart phones. The first is a guide to local farmers’ markets. The new application was developed in collaboration with the State Department of Technology and works on both Android and iPhones. It leverages California’s mobile framework with location-aware services and GIS features. Our application will help you locate the nearest farmers market in your area along with contact information.

Through our work in weights and measures, which includes the regulation of public scales, a mobile application for truckers has been developed to help locate the nearest scales.  The need for this application was identified after tracking 2,500 unique visitors each month to CDFA’s web site in search of locations.

We have also expanded our Report-A-Pest app so it may be accessed via both iPhone and Android. The app provides the ability to photograph and report suspected harmful pests to state and local agricultural officials. Using camera and GPS technology, the app provides invasive species specialists with valuable sighting information.

This exciting frontier of technological interfacing is just beginning to help us better serve the people of California. More than 50 public mobile applications from state government are now available through California’s Mobile Gallery, and we expect many, many more as we embrace advances certain to come in years ahead.

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