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Emergency Watershed Protection Program a valuable tool in drought

drought shotThe USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is reminding public entities and their partners that there are $5 million in Emergency Watershed Program Protection (EWP) funds available for potential drought protection.

Eligible projects would include improvements to dirt or gravel maintenance roads to reduce water use for dust control, silt fences to protect homes and other structures from drought-caused silt deposition, area seeding and vegetation establishment, or anything that is feasible to keep soil in place.

In order for a project to qualify there must be a local unit of government willing to be a sponsor and provide property rights, permits and local cost sharing. Potential public entities would be government agencies, resource conservation districts, irrigation districts and tribes.

The NRCS is working quickly to try to get the word out to potential applicants and will be holding briefings via teleconference on March 3 and March 5. Additional briefings could be scheduled if there is ongoing interest. For more information about this program and the briefings, please visit the NRCS web site. You could also contact me directly at or Luana Kiger at


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