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World Ag Expo – a world-class showcase for Ag

Secretary Ross (center) at the 2015 World Ag Expo.

Secretary Ross (center) at the 2015 World Ag Expo with Craig Hornung and Jennifer Maloney of John Deere.

Tulare County is the number-one Ag county in the nation and the perfect place to host the annual World Ag Expo. I was honored to be able to visit this week.

The Expo wouldn’t happen without extraordinary organizational leadership and the force of 1,200 volunteers of all ages who help shine the spotlight on agriculture, especially in the San Joaquin Valley – home to seven of the nation’s top Ag counties!

Agriculture in California didn’t become the renowned power house it is by standing still.  It’s in the DNA of California farmers and ranchers to constantly innovate, embrace technology, and figure out new ways to do things better and more efficiently.  All this helps them bounce back from adversity  – even when Mother Nature throws a curve ball like our current drought.

And that’s the importance of the World Ag Expo. It showcases the latest developments and brings farmers together to exchange ideas they can take back to their operations to continue to produce high quality California-grown agricultural products. Walking the Expo’s 80 acres and 2.6 million square-feet of exhibit space, and seeing what the 1,500 exhibitors and vendors had to offer were great reminders of everything it takes to keep California agriculture number-one!


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