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Holiday Spirit: Frozen Turkeys, Warm Hearts at CDFA

Turkey Drop 2011

Chuck King and Cheryl Gilbertson from CDFA’s Animal Health office unload a “Turkey Drop” donation.

The back alley at CDFA headquarters hosted a parade of cars and trucks this morning, as drivers filed through to take part in the holiday “Turkey Drop.”  Chilly temperatures couldn’t keep folks away as the California Foodlink refrigerated truck steadily filled up with crate after crate of frozen turkeys – 447 turkeys in all, well past last year’s total of 351.  CDFA was just one of several departments taking part, adding a bit of good-natured, interdepartmental competition to the event.  Representatives of several of CDFA’s divisions and offices dropped off donations ranging from single gobblers to entire pickup-bed loads that tipped the scales at hundreds of pounds.

The “Turkey Drop” is just one example of CDFA employees’ annual charitable efforts, which also include the broader California State Employees Food Drive (donations are deposited in bins at various worksites – see as well as collecting funds to purchase rice in bulk for donation.  Individual offices also conduct smaller-scale fundraisers and drives benefitting local non-profit groups, schools and others in need of a little extra holiday cheer.

CDFA employees are responsible daily for helping our farmers and ranchers maintain the quality, affordability and accessibility of our food supply.  As public servants who protect and promote the nation’s most productive agricultural community, we are perhaps uniquely well-placed to understand and appreciate how fortunate we are to live and work in California – and how important it is to share our state’s bounty with those less fortunate.

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