Strawberry Fields…Forever – from the Growing California video series

The latest segment in the Growing California video series, a partnership with California Grown, is “Strawberry Fields…Forever,” a profile of a grower and his commitment to water efficiency.


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  1. Ide Berries says:

    Strawberry is among the crops that are very sensitive to salinity. In addition to the drip irrigation system that caters to the water needs throughout the crop season, overhead aluminum sprinklers are used during the first few weeks after transplantation to leach out salts from the root zone. Lack of rains earlier during this season has caused some concern about the impact of salinity on young strawberry plants. However, with the recent rains the total amount of precipitation in Santa Maria area for January, 2012 was about 2 inches (~50 mm) easing some of the concerns.

    Symptoms of salt injury include dry and brown leaf margins, brittle leaves, stunted plant growth, dead roots and plants. When salt toxicity is seen in localized areas in a field, it could be due to poor drainage. Symptoms can be seen throughout the field when salinity of the irrigation water is high. Excessive fertilization or application to wet foliage can also result in salt toxicity. More than 0.2% of sodium or more than 0.5% of chloride in plant tissue indicate salt toxicity.

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