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Charter of Milan establishes important values for a sustainable world

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross signing the Charter of Milan.

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross signing the Charter of Milan.

The 2015 World’s Fair recently concluded in Milan, Italy, and an important development was the Charter of Milan, described by its authors as a moral, non-binding commitment to achieve such goals as regulations guaranteeing rights to food for all; stronger legislation to promote the safeguarding of agricultural land; and the development of a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory.

With the United Nations estimating A 70 percent increase in world food demand by 2050, it’s essential that we–all nations, all people–do everything we can to make food as readily available as possible.

The Charter’s authors are hoping that people around the world will support and ultimately sign the Charter in order to send a message to world leaders that its principles are essential core values for our planet – a road map to a sustainable world. One key point – it’s not just leaders who are asked to sign the charter, but all people, to deliver a genuine message of unity.

Earlier this week I was honored to attend a meeting in Napa with Stefano Bonaccini, governor of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (north-central, between Milan and Florence), as well as his Ministers of Industry and Agriculture, and a delegation of about 15 local government and business leaders. We discussed collaborations on food safety, food security, climate smart agriculture, and sustainability. I also had the opportunity to sign the Charter of Milan on behalf of the State of California and now invite you to sign it, as well.

The Charter may be viewed and signed here



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