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Bakersfield dairy farmers embrace climate smart technology

For second generation dairy farmer Felix Echeverria, dairy farming is a family affair. His father, an immigrant from Spain’s Basque country, began milking cows in Southern California in the early 1950’s. Since then, Mr. Echeverria and his brother Johnny, have … Continue reading

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How To Cool Your Cow: Researchers Test New Methods To Protect Cows From Heat – from Capital Public Radio

By Sally Schilling During California heat waves, dairy farms use a lot water and energy to keep their cows cool. UC Davis researchers are trying out new techniques that use less resources. Over in the UC Davis dairy barn, scientists … Continue reading

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Update on climate change programs from CDFA’s Office of Environmental Farming and Innovation

CDFA recently issued this newsletter to provide updates about programs in its Office of Environmental Farming Initiatives. The Healthy Soils Program OEFI has a new program that aims to improve soil health by increasing soil carbon and reducing atmospheric greenhouse … Continue reading

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Cow Power! Dedication of first dairy digester in CDFA’s Dairy Digester Research and Development Program

CDFA Undersecretary Jim Houston joined the celebration today in Fresno County for the dedication of a new dairy digester at Open Sky Ranch – the first digester in CDFA’s Dairy Digester Research and Development Program. The program is one of … Continue reading

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Young African leaders visit CDFA to learn about agriculture, energy and the environment

UC Davis hosted 25 Young African Leaders as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship in July as part of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. For two of these young leaders, the trip to California also included a visit with CDFA’s Office of … Continue reading

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“Say Cheese!” the latest video from the Growing California series

“Say Cheese!” is a profile of the Fiscalini Cheese Company of Modesto, California. This is the latest segment in the Growing California video series, a partnership with California Grown.

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Modesto Bee editorial: Pope, farmers have more in common than they know

From the Modesto Bee editorial board: Two stories caught our interest this week that centered on folks who might not seem to have much in common – Pope Francis and some Central Valley farmers. The first story was a look … Continue reading

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Study: California dairy industry contributes $21 billion to state’s economy, stimulates ripple effect of $65 billion

From the California Milk Advisory Board: New study conducted by University of California Agricultural Issues Center shows significant impact of state’s leading agricultural commodity Cementing its place as California’s most important agricultural commodity by farm revenue, California farms sold about $9.4 … Continue reading

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A Day in Marin: Farmers Share a Passion for a Place Called California

“A day in Marin.” Say that out loud to someone from California’s Bay Area, then stand back and watch the reaction. “Well, I could reschedule that meeting, move some things around…” It’s something you want to do, someplace you want to … Continue reading

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Video: Secretary Ross offers updates on drought, dairy pricing in interview at World Ag Expo

At the World Ag Expo February 10-12 in Tulare, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross was interviewed by WAE-TV, a partnership with the Expo and Dairy Business Communications. She provided updates on California’s ongoing drought and recent activity on the dairy pricing … Continue reading

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