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CDFA Launches Biosecurity Toolkit For Equine Events

Three riders on horsebackSix different outbreaks of Equine Herpes Virus-1 among show horses in California over the past year have increased awareness of the need for stronger biosecurity measures at equine events. In response, CDFA’s Animal Health Branch developed the Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events, which recommends enhanced biosecurity in an attempt to minimize future disease outbreaks.

The keys to implementing this plan are horse show managers and horse owners, who will be counted on to make sure that preventative health care of horses is addressed. The toolkit will serve as a resource in providing recommendations that address the specific risks of an event and venue.

California hosts more than 1,600 horse shows annually. At these events, infectious disease pathogens may be spread by humans, vehicles, birds, insects, and other domesticated and undomesticated animals. We’re hoping that will occur much less frequently, thanks to the Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events.

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