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Nine ways millennials are changing the way we eat – from the Washington Post

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2 Responses to Nine ways millennials are changing the way we eat – from the Washington Post

  1. chris says:

    I missed the millennial generation by a few years but my wife, and all of her friends, are right in the middle of it. The description of millennial’s eating habits in this piece are right on point. However, I don’t know that it is all good. Almost everything in the store says “organic” on it these days but the percentage of people afflicted with diseases associated with obesity is on the rise. For me, I live the fact that pesticides keep “pests” off my food, that insecticides keep “insects” off my food and that preservative “preserve” my food. I realize that much of the chemicals used to treat food is not good for humans but neither are the rodents and insects that are otherwise inhabiting food. The biggest problem is that we, as a society, eat too much fat, sugar, and salt. Natural foods combat this problem by offering lower amount of these substances but as the article states: people are snacking more. Also, I think millennials are going over the top with the natural baby foods. My wife’s best friend picks her baby’s food from fruit trees, mashes is up and puts it in cups purchased for this purpose. Sounds great, but her baby was just hospitalized with a severe food contamination after he mother improperly prepared or stored the food. The baby was in the hospital for three days…where he ate nothing but pre-packaged baby food.

  2. comunicacionAEP says:

    Because you forget that social security worked because the Boomers were a much large generation than any generation before them. There was a very large working population much larger than the senior population. Just because millenials are tied with boomers doesn”t mean there are enough to support the much larger elderly population who are by the way living longer. Furthermore, most boomers still hold the high ranking well paying positions while millenials are just starting their jobs or still in school. Millenials are staying in school far longer than boomers by the way, not only because knowledge has advanced significantly over the last few decades, but also because there aren”t many companies clamoring to hire people unlike the situation of the boomers.

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