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Proposition 12 update from CDFA

CDFA veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Cox

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is pleased to provide an update on Proposition 12, written by Dr. Elizabeth Cox, Animal Care Program Manager and the lead for Proposition 12 enforcement in California. 

Dr. Cox recently visited ten sow farms across the U.S. at the invitation of several pork farmers and processors, including Clemens Food Group, Hormel, JBS, and Premium Iowa Pork.  Members of the pork industry invited Dr. Cox for discussions about Proposition 12 standards, and to see the enormous progress they’ve made in building or upgrading facilities to produce Proposition 12-compliant pork. 

As Dr. Cox notes, “my visits to sow farms have given me great confidence in the pork industry’s ability to provide compliant pork meat to California, as well as a real connection to the people in the industry working hard to care for their animals.”  She added, “I witnessed enormous employee pride, satisfaction, and enjoyment working with the sows.”  Dr. Cox’s full account is available here:

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