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Congratulations to CDFA’s Craig Hanes on his retirement

Craig Hanes with Secretary Ross.

29-year career concludes as Pierce’s Disease Control Program Statewide Coordinator

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross congratulates Craig Hanes on his retirement. “Craig has been a friend and an asset for all of his 29 years with CDFA,” Secretary Ross said, “including 22 years with the Pierce’s disease program, virtually since its inception.”

Hanes’ career with the department began as a trapper in Orange County for the Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services Division, working his way up the ladder on projects including Medfly and Mexfly quarantines, Karnal Bunt, and Red Imported Fire Ant.

After joining the Pierce’s Disease Control Program, Hanes also shared his expertise and experience by covering leadership positions on an interim basis with the department’s Plant Health and Citrus offices. “I learned so much when I came to the Pierce’s Disease program in 2000, when we were essentially building a new program from the ground up,” Hanes said. “I credit Bob Wynn, my predecessor as Statewide Coordinator, as my most impactful mentor and role model. He was just doing his job, but it was an honor to be able to watch him work with growers and colleagues throughout government and industry.”

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