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Food Day is for everyone

Cheese, dairy and vegetables spread
The inaugural Food Day celebration occurring today is an idea whose time has come.  While, in fact, every day is “food day” for the nearly seven-billion people on Earth, the topic of local food production is hotter than ever in the U.S.  We want to encourage this.  Any discussion of our food supply is welcome.

In the decades ahead, there will be enormous demand for all levels of food production. We expect the current local movement to continue to build. On the other hand, everyday, there are nearly 220 thousand new mouths to feed on the planet – a staggering number. By 2050, it is believed the world must double food production, while using fewer natural resources. All of this brings challenges and opportunities for agriculture, which must work together to forge public policy that will facilitate future needs.

American agriculture is incredibly diverse. Large farms and small, plants and animals, food and fiber, organic, conventional and biotech. It includes urban farmers, farm workers and minority farmers. Hundreds of commodities – healthy commodities – all in demand here and around the world.  We’re all in this together, and we must all work together to ensure success. Our diversity makes us stronger and more successful.

So I’d like to wish our planet a happy Food Day. Let’s use the momentum of today’s activities to recognize there is a place for all in American farming and ranching.

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2 Responses to Food Day is for everyone

  1. Don Curlee says:

    Assuming you refer to human mouths to be fed, California and American agriculture can meet the challenge and help other countries produce at levels that will help, but only if we are not burdened by needless vl34regulations designed to protect species and conditions that have existed for centuries without the slightest need for those regulations.

  2. Archie Diaz says:

    Everything grows in our Golden State….a backyard garden for every household (utilize those vacant spaces) will help in some way, or how about using those idle public land for a State sponsored Community Gardens?…oh well, it’s almost winter, maybe this Spring.

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