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Recapping the 2014 California State Fair by the numbers


The California State Fair has completed another successful season with a 17-day run that ended on Sunday, July 27. The Fair has provided a recap by the numbers:

  • More than 750,000 guests came through the gates.
  • 159,242 cars were parked
  • 38 baby animals were born in the Baby Barn.
  • 3,696 pounds of crops were harvested and donated to food banks from The Farm.
  • 14,400 children completed the passport program at The Farm.
  • 2.5 tons of whole wheat flour,  1,000 lbs. of cream cheese and 1 ton of cinnamon sugar were used to make the Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls.
  • 75,000 corn dogs and 40,000 funnel cakes were eaten.
  • 13,119 wine slushies were served.
  • 12,191 scoops of gelato were served.
  • 2,601 jumps were made in the Freestyle Motocross Show.
  • 62,201 monorail rides were taken.
  • 612 guests were hypnotized.
  • 9,000 water efficient nozzles were given to guests to help save water
  • 2,725 yards of manure were removed from the livestock area.
  • 3.864 million feet of toilet paper were used.

Link to news release

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