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CDFA’s Division of Measurement Standards delivers new digital system to simplify registration for licensed agents

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Division of Measurement Standards has launched its Registered Service Agency (RSA) portal to simplify the registration process for licensed agents and companies that sell, rent, install, service, or repair California’s 1.85 million commercial weighing and measuring devices; including gas pumps, water dispensers, grocery scales, meters, and truck and railroad scales.

CDFA’s new online system replaces an old, manual paper-based registration process for licensed agencies and agents. The portal offers a full suite of self-serve functions to update agency registrations and contact information, view and print licenses, submit calibration reports and standards certifications, and make required payments.

The portal was created in record time and is a significant milestone for the California Department of Technology’s Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) because it is the first project to reach “Minimum Viable Product” status and go live. The TMF makes investments in IT that modernizes state digital services, like this program.

The RSA portal is a valuable resource for agencies and agents in all 58 counties to help assure that Californians are getting their money’s worth in streams of commerce.

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