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Hollywood is Buzzing with Food … But Where are the Farmers? From the Food Dialogues By George Motz Unlike stars in Hollywood, “food” may not have an agent, but it has definitely reached celebrity status across America. From documentary films to reality culinary challenges to stand-‘n-stir TV shows, the entertainment industry has created a … Continue reading

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CDFA helps reel in catch of short measure tuna cans

You may have heard recently that some of the largest tuna packagers in the country agreed to pay several million dollars to settle a case that started with the discovery that cans of tuna contained less fish than required by … Continue reading

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National Farmers Market Week a time to celebrate abundant, healthy food

I’m one of those people who thinks every week should be Farmers Market Week, and one of the miracles of California agriculture is that it’s actually possible in our state. Fresh fruits and vegetables are growing year-round someplace in California, … Continue reading

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Climate change is another reason to protect farmland – From the Sacramento Bee’s “Viewpoints” section

One of the co-authors of this story, Richard Rominger, is a former CDFA director (now secretary) and USDA deputy secretary. The other co-author, Renata Brillinger, is executive director of the Climate and Agriculture Network. By Rich Rominger and Renata Brillinger … Continue reading

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What happens to school gardens in summer? The biggest irony of the school garden is that it often goes untended during summer, the peak season. This is no coincidence; what we now call “summer vacation” used to be the time when most parents needed their children … Continue reading

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Measuring the Olympics

The Olympic Games are one of the greatest international stages in the world, with the best athletes coming together for feats of skill, strength and endurance. But medal winners rely on more than just ability.  A precise system of measurements, … Continue reading

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News Release – CDFA to establish climate change consortium to help specialty crop growers plan for future impacts

California’s specialty crops account for more than half of the nation’s fruits, vegetables, and nuts as well as nearly $7 billion dollars of exports worldwide. California’s production of diverse specialty crops is threatened by potential climate-related phenomena, including reduced water … Continue reading

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